Monday, June 30, 2008


Oh sure. Now I have your attention. What is it about chocolate that just makes all women a little crazy. I will totally desert a diet, for a piece of chocolate. I once went out with this boy who came to my door bearing a box of chocolates and a bunch of wildflowers, even though I wasn't really "in to him" as they say nowadays. But he turned my head with my favorite two things. Pure manipulation on his part and my best friend, who was cupid to everyone. He turned out to be really nice though and I dated him for a while. He did have a big drawback for me and I know it is a shallow thing but he was working for his Dad who owned the local funeral parlor. As cute as he was and as nice, I just could not get past that part. I hope he married someone who appreciated him and wasn't quite as shallow and squeamish as me.

I can't reflect on old boyfriends too much on this blog,,you never know who might be reading and some things are just best left to the past. Besides, I found the one who God probably intended for me, but when I get to Heaven, I am going to ask God a few questions.

Like, why this man can not ever find anything in his closet when it is right their in front of him? Why does he constantly keep tyring to have the last word, when he knows it just ain't gonna happen? Why does he stand and stare at meat in the grocery store? What fascinates him so much? I swear the last time we were in there, he stood for five minutes looking at meat while I shopped. Then, I looked over and there were two other men,,in total rapture over the meat case...So if women are attracted to chocolate and just like looking at it, even when we can't have it,,(that perpetual diet thing),,,,then I guess men feel the same addiction about meat. No wonder we have trouble understanding one another.


Michelle said...

LOL!! My hubby did a stint in a funeral home, and he loved it!!

Dianne said...

Wow....I reckon you get just about the same feeling when you look at chocolate and think about old boyfriends. I never really grouped them together but, when you study on it, they do bring the same feelings. Chocolate is so sweet and yummy...when you get your first taste of it....then it seems to settle in places you wish it would not. Kind of like old sweet and yummy when you first start seeing them...then they get used to you and just sort of "settle" where you don't want them! And, truly, meat must be a "man thang"! My husband will do the same exact will try to look over that as he looks over where my chocolate is settling! LOL