Sunday, June 8, 2008

I Kid you not!

I just had to type in those little "lsoty" letters they make you type in so you can create a blog,,,,four times,,before I got it right...It has something to do with,,,so they will know you are not a robot...well at this age,,,64, I'm not sure if I would be telling the truth if I implied I was not. My mind not only wonders at this age,,sometimes it leaves completely. Insanity is my personal means of relaxation.
I get up each Morning just wondering what ache or pain, today will bring. Getting old sucks,,,you hear me...and I know all about the alternative. Yes, it is better than dying but if I had known how long I would live, I would have taken better care of myself. I was living out the legacy of the Hank Williams song, "Live fast, love hard, die young, and leave a beautiful memory"..until I met my DH Billy..he put a stop to that. LOL...

Still growing up in the late sixties was a lot of fun. It was the height of the Hippie generation..The back to the Earth movement..embroidering all over your clothes,,,we put flowers in our hair and sang songs about San Francisco. We didn't have the worries the kids have today. I would be afraid to be a teen today. 479683640_5703648e9c

I started an exercise routine in February to see if I could become a little more healthy. I started out just riding my Elliptical Machine (a bike that has those handles that work your arms) for two minutes, three times a day. I am now up to five minutes, three times a day..I was feeling all proud of myself until a friend told me her 72 year old Mother was doing a hundred miles a week! Who is this woman, an ex triathlon runner? I never had any glory days when it comes to sports. I played Golf and Pool when I was in my forties and fifties and a little basketball and volley ball when I was younger. I did skate until my friend fell while skating backwards and broke her arm. Mama took my skates away and that was that. Guilt by association, I guess. LOL

But still, I am trying. I am also tyring to eat better. I have a garden this year and it is doing well, so I am eating a lot of fresh veggies and the work,,,which is not much with the square foot garden,,does get me out in the Sunshine and fresh air.
This is not going to be a blog about aging gracefully...It is going to be about fighting to survive. I remember I use to say, "I'll leave the Grace to the old Ladies"..back when I knew it all. I'll still leave the Grace to them. I'm not old, I am just a little travel weary.

Each day is still precious to me. I find myself, while not happy about being old, not worrying about it either. I try to live one day at a time. If I get sick, I go into survival mode until I feel better..actually at this stage,,which might by some, be considered the Fall of my life,,I find I am more an observer of life, than a participant. That's okay, I can live with that. : )

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