Monday, June 9, 2008

The First Color TV?

When I was a kid we didn't have a TV in our house. We watched the neighbors set,,,they had a color TV. Well, not exactly. What they had was a piece of plastic that was blue one third of the way for the sky,,then red for the next third and green for grass the last third...It would work great if the storyline was about a red firetruck on a sunny day, driving over someone's lawn but it made Perry Como look a little sick. LOL. But we thought it was cool. The neighborhood kids took turns coming over and we could only stay an hour. I think my sister and I had Milton Berle night and The voice of Firestone night. It was so exciting and we looked forward to it each week.

I don't remember the first real color TV I saw. I looked it up and the first one came out on December 17th 1953 but it was the mid sixties before they were available to the masses. But nothing would ever be as exciting as that first TV. It was a miracle to us.

The first TV Guide had a picture of Lucy's baby. This was on April 3, 1953 and recently sold for $500 on eBAy.

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