Saturday, June 28, 2008


If we can reach
Beyond the wisdom of this age, into the foolishness of God
That foolishness will save those who believe
And though their foolish hearts may break, they will find peace
And I'll meet you in that place where mercy leads

-Rich Mullins, Brother's Keeper, "Let Mercy Lead"

I have taken up residence in that place where mercy leads, many years ago. It is a lovely place to be.


CurtissAnn said...

So glad you dropped by so that I could get acquainted with your sites. This is a beautiful and instructive quote from Rich Mullins-- displayed so lovely. Thank you!

Eve said...

Thank you so much for visiting me. It is a honor to have you here. You are one of my favorite authors.

Lucy Stern said...

I love that picture of the house with the big front pouch. Beautiful quote.

joco said...


You've got me totally bewildered:

Is that a photograph or a pastel painting?

If it is the former, i want to be there. If it is the latter, than I have seen and admired similar ones, if only I remembered where and by whom.

The pots tell me it is real, the chairs and building look ehtereal enough to be a pastel.

Help me out here please :-)

Eve said...

Here is the artist of that pretty pic..and where to buy it.

Shades of Summer