Sunday, June 8, 2008

Getting rid of clutter

If God put me on Earth to accomplish certain things, then I am so far behind, I should live forever. A lot of the reason is clutter. I clean it up and in a month, there it is again. If I want to do a task, I can't find the tool I need to do it. Billy has actually bought a new one of something just because we can't find the one we need. We have a shed full of anything we could possibly need but we can't get to it. The house isn't a whole lot better...Oh you wouldn't know it, if you walked in, the clutter is well hidden, but it is there..

Billy is running away every chance he gets lately because I am Spring Cleaning,,yeah I know,,what can I say...I am behind. I ask him to take some boxes to the shed the other day and he said, "All you are doing is moving them from one place to another"...Duh! I know that but isn't that what a shed is for? To store things you never should have bought in the first place?

That is a great little site called that will help you get organized if you have my problem..

Now, when you get all organized, treat yourself to a cup of tea and nice piece of Cherry pie. You deserve it.

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