Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I remember very little about my Daddy's Mother. She died when I was young. I do remember her giving me and my sister, those little Hershey kisses in the shape of a teardrop, wrapped in silver tinfoil. She always had these for us. She kept them in a cedar chest with all her treasures. They were in a beautiful tin box that had these embossed birds, in jewel tones, on the top. I didn't know they were embossed at the time, but looking back as an adult, I can remember that box. It was beautiful. The candy always had the taste and smell of cedar. We loved to visit her, not because of the candy but because she was so sweet and caring. Even as kids, we knew this was a special lady. I wish I knew more about her. It is a big loss to me to have so few Grandmother memories. My Mother's Mama died before I was born and I don't recall ever meeting her Daddy. He might have been dead too. We never talked about him.

They tell me, my Grandfather was never the same after Grandmother's death. He lived with us for a while but one day, he just wasn't there. Daddy said he had to put him in a place where they could help him because he couldn't be left alone and both Daddy and Mama worked. I missed him and I understood why he missed my Grandmother so much. She had a lovely, serene way about her. A delicate way of talking and walking, and she dressed always in these soft, pastel colors. A real Southern lady.


CurtissAnn said...

Now that you mention it, my grandmother dressed a lot in pastels, too. My mother's mother. She was a real Southern Lady, too. My father's mother was a character. She dipped snuff and dressed in those printed shirt-waste cotton dresses from Woolworth's.

Thank you for bringing back the memories. And now I'm a grandmother, too!

Eve said...

Congratulations Grandmother! I hope you have plans to write a children's book or two for them. What a treasure that would be. To have a Grandmother write just for you. : )

smilnsigh said...

What a beautiful, beautiful entry. Thank you so much for sharing it. Wouldn't we all love to be remembered thus?

Well, I'm a Nana. But I don't fit in that sweet mold, sad to say. But then, I suppose we all have our own mold...

But still, your Grandmother was lovely... -sigh- {Wonder if it's to late, to attain that 'way'?} :-)

'Miss' Mari-Nanci
Smilnsigh blog