Sunday, July 13, 2008



"Oh no, Dear, that's for company". How many times did I hear my Mama say that. She would not use the things people gave her for gifts. She would store them away. She had enough perfume gift sets to stock a drug store on Christmas! She had towels and sheets, tucked away that had the most beautiful embroidery on them. But she would not use them even when our own towels and sheets were well worn. The only perfume I remember her wearing was an Avon perfume called Topaz. Maybe she preferred it to the expensive ones people gave her.

Her tablecloths were so beautiful with all the crocheted edgings. She thought these were too good to use. Most of them had embroidery in the center. I remember beautiful flowers in the center of one she did use for Easter. It was green linen with center flowers of white Lilies, yellow daffodils and some type of little pink flowers. Of course, these all had matching napkins. She didn't give dinner parties, she worked five days a week, so I don't know what or who she was saving them for. Even if we just used them on Sunday, she would have enjoyed looking at them instead of keeping them packed away.

We had company dinnerware and everyday dinnerware. Oh, how much fun it would have been to eat from those pretty blue willow plates. I have some vintage pieces from that time period now, and I enjoy sitting down with a cup of hot tea and toast in the morning. I wish Mama had enjoyed her pretty things. I fully intend to use mine.

Take a look at that beautiful wall hanging in the photo. Billy's Mama made that for us. When she gave it to me, I had left my glasses at home so I just thought it was quilted. When I got home and look closely at it, I realized that every blue, green and yellow bit of that beautiful hanging, was actually cross stitches. It must have taken her forever to do that. It is a fairly large and beautifully quilted, wall hanging. I got on the phone so fast and told her how much we loved it and how sorry I was that I didn't pay attention to what a treasure it really is. So, if you are going to a Christmas party and might receive a present from someone, you might want to wear your glasses..I'm just saying...

I tell Billy, I am using my things because I do not have any intention of letting the second wife have anything of mine. If they are going to be broken or stained or anything else, I plan on doing it myself. LOL..and I fully intend to be buried with my clothes and books. Same reason.


smilnsigh said...

Good for you! Use your things. What are we saving them for anyway?!? :-)

Sad that Mama didn't enjoy the use of hers. But, she taught you... to use yours. Which is an accomplishment.

Betcha' her Mama and her Mama's Mama had not used their 'good thing' either. But, you broke the mold! Hooray for you!!!

Miss Mari-Nanci

Doris said...

I remember I was at Mama's house one day when she was working on that hanging. It did take her a very long time to finish it. I remember she pricked her finger a few times that day and she said blood, sweat and tears will go into this gift. When I looked at her she had a smile on her face. Eve Thank You so much for this memory and for keeping Mama's memory alive for not only Billy but for all of us. We Love Ya!!!

Eve said...

Doris, she was a great lady. I miss her.

Michelle said...

You're funny!
Nice wallhanging, too!

Elizabeth said...

What a beautiful wall hanging your mother-in-law gave you. That is exquisite.

whitemorn said...

Yes, I have come to a place where "best" is good enough for me and good enough for everyday use! I do it! I love it!...and if BEST gets worn, torn or broken it matches me!Win win situation!

Nola said...

Wow, that takes me back to 1963. My dear grandma, now passed on, wore Topaz! She had what I thought was the most beautiful perfume bottle ever. It was golden yellow, and had a big faux Topaz on the top. Several years ago, I ordered one similar from Avon, and it now sits on my vanity with my mom's signature fragrance, and mine. The three of us remain connected via our perfume bottles. I hope MawMaw and Mama are in heaven smiling down at the sight!