Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Michael Lee...artist

If you knew how much time you had left to live, would you be brave enough to live life to the fullest? I just saw the movie "The Bucket List" and like many other people, I started thinking about what would be on my list. For those who didn't see the movie, it is about two men who are dying of Cancer and only have a few months to live. The title comes from the expression, "kicking the bucket" which is a term for dying. So before you kick the bucket, what would be on your list of things to do before you die?

I don't mean the things like organize your funeral, get your affairs in order, visit the family and tell them you love them...no I mean those things you would like to do that you have never done. Maybe sky diving, or climbing to the top of a peak somewhere. You don't have to be able to do them. Lord knows most of us don't have the money the way the men in the movie did, to travel the world. But if you could do anything you wanted and money was no object, what would be on your bucket list. Here is a list I scribbled down in a hurry but I think some of these might even be doable. I'll start there!

1...Get rid of all my grass and replace it with soft, sweet moss. It would be so nice to walk barefoot on a lawn with springy, soft moss.

2...Eat at a sidewalk cafe in Paris.

3...Clean out a space right in the middle of my woods and put a large waterfall there. The little animals would love it and I could sit back there and watch them when they came to play or drink. It would have all kinds of pretty flowers and plants and large flat rocks to sit on.

4...Take a trip to England. I've always wanted to go to England and see all those pretty, quaint cottages and gardens. I cut my teeth on English mysteries and boarding school stories so I have always been drawn to England. The countryside of England in all those movies I love, is always so beautiful. All that rain I guess makes for such pretty green scenery. It just looks greener than here in the States. I would love to go there.

5...Send a message in a bottle

6...Write that Great American Novel or at least a good mystery book.

7...Take out my guitar and start playing again. I play finger style and it has been a long time since I played. I stopped when I got sick a few years ago and never went back to it.

8...Go back to Charleston SC and take that canoe ride and see if Billy can paddle better than he did in 93..lol. That was fun!

9...Have fresh flowers all over my house, every day. For years, I would hold back enough to buy flowers at the grocery store each week. We couldn't afford much but I tried to get a small bouquet for our dining table.

10..Lead at least ten people to Jesus, before I kick the bucket!


Patti said...

I really enjoyed your list. I have eaten (or at least had coffee and pastry) at a sidewalk cafe in Paris. You must do that!
I was there twice, helping to chaperone my daughter's school trips. Still can't believe I pulled that off ;-)

That garden waterfall would be delightful!

Thanks for visiting my blog, Eve.

Susie said...

I love your bucket list Eve. I can certainly relate to a few of your ideas.

CurtissAnn said...

Your ideas are so creative and lively. I, too, would love the sidewalk cafe, just to drink tea. :)

One thing on my list is to have a small camper and camp on the beach.

Thanks for the recommendation of the movie.

Nola said...

Just wandered onto your blog from a link (at Pressing On) and I love it. Your "bucket list" is great! The idea of fresh flowers is wonderful, I might try to borrow that idea. I hope you complete everything on your list and hundreds of more things before you "kick". Thanks for bringing beauty to my morning. I might be here most of the day reading your posts!

Kim said...

I'm so glad you stopped by my blog and I hope you enjoy the recipe. I am definitely going to try it with apples now. Oh...The Bucket List...excellent movie!