Friday, July 11, 2008


Wait, don't put your head on the chopping block,,,don't give up,,,I can help you. De-clutter, that's the answer! You can find more time and live a less stressed filled life, if you are not overrun with things.

I have decided to declutter my life...again. I gave it a good try, a few years ago when I got rid of all the clutter in my kitchen. Who really needs two of anything in the kitchen? I mean, if one goes out or breaks, don't I believe we will be able to acquire another? Where's my faith?

How many books can I really hope to read in my lifetime? I'm not talking special books here. I mean those on stained glass and upholstery. I won't ever get around to either of those things. Others that should go are those I think I should read, but never will. And clothes I never wear but keep because they were expensive or someone gave them to me, but I am just not the cowgirl or classic type. Some I even bought for myself, which can be filed under, "What was I thinking?". I am going to get rid of them. And those Nick knacks that I dust and dust and don't like anymore. Out with them!

I have clutter in other places in my life too. I find myself worrying about the same old thing, day after day? Either I should do something about it or have the wisdom to accept things the way they are. I should not clutter my mind with hopeless causes. Billy is never going to become less of a pack rat, just because I nag him. He loves free things. What can I say? I guess it means he is frugal but sometimes it borders on insanity. See my other blog on garden globes.

Now how about that body? When am I going to get on the ball and do those exercises I know I need to do to stay healthy? Or lose that weight? I do exercise but so far I am in no shape to exercise. LOL....Does vacuuming count as aerobic exercise? I really need to push more. And those same pounds I gained in the Winter are still hanging around. I usually start dieting at the first sign of Summer. What we have been hiding under jackets, becomes really out there, come Spring and Summer! I am going to work on losing that extra blubber clutter, starting now.



OrganizedTracy said...

Good attitude! Decluttering always makes you feel lighter and calmer in a world that can be very crazy.

Getting rid of the material objects that weigh your home down is great, but I love how you also talk about decluttering your mind - most people don't get how important that is.

Changing the way you think, accepting things that you cannot change and mustering up the courage to say no are some simple things that can make a big difference in how you live.

Best of luck to you.

Becky said...

Hi Eve, thanks for stopping by my place today. It was fun looking over your blogs. I love this post. I don't usually think of those peripheral life situations as clutter, but that certainly describes them to a tee.

I'm off with you to work on that blubber clutter. Just got back from my 3 mile walk and time for some situps. Ugh. I'd rather eat the Oreos for sure.

Michelle said...

Oh! But I love books....but you are right. I'm narrowing down my list of hobbies...I need to declutter, as well. Since hubbys in the Navy, I declutter every time we move. I'm still amazed at how much stuff we amasse in the interim, though! LOL

Sarah Mae said...

vwOkay, you have to jump on my 31 Days to Clean bandwagon! It is written by someone just like you!

Oh, and vacuuming totally counts as a workout!

Eve said...

Sarah Mae, you have a new subscriber. Now don't work me to death. LOL

smilnsigh said...

Sounds like me. Trying, again...

I never got knick-knacks or go to flea markets, so I had a built-in head start there. But.. I have "those rooms," where clutter just seems to accumulate "during the dark of night." -hehhhhh- -sighhhhh-

Ohhhh will you start a Club?!? For people like us {well, I'm older than everyone but...}? We who know we should do daily exercise and etc. But... drop the ball, over and over and over.

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeze! Or do more such entries, anyway. Keep this ^&**^%&*(& subject in front of all our noses!! Pleeeeeeeeeze!

Strengthening of will hugs,
Miss Mari-Nanci

smilnsigh said...

And I've Bookmarked all your commenters and will go visit them later. I think I have found people who will give me good vibes!!! :-)


Miss Mari-Nanci

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