Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I have always loved this painting by Andrew Wyeth. It intrigues me. Why does she look so alone? She looks so thin, too thin. Since we cannot see her face, it is mysterious. Is she just looking back after she took a walk and just resting.... is she frightened of something? Is she crying or unhappy or is she happy and just enjoying lying in the fields? How old or young is she? She looks on the young side in the picture. Is she a real person or was she born in the mind of the artist?

I decided to do some research and found that Christina Olson was a real person. She was born May 3, 1893 and died January 27, 1968. Except for the last two months of her life, she lived her entire life in the house on the hill in the painting. She lived there with her parents until they died and then lived there with her younger brother Al until they both had to finally leave the family home in November 1967 because of health reasons. Christina was somewhat of a cripple but her problem was never diagnosed. In spite of that, she lived a happy life.

The house is located on a hill at Hawthorn Point on the coast of Maine at Cushing. Today, the house is preserved as a tourist attraction.


smilnsigh said...

I too, have read that she was a real person.

So glad you found this, because you said it's a favorite painting of yours.

'Miss' Mari-Nanci
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Eve said...

I think it a quite suitable name for you.

Esther said...

She looks like she is just longing, aching, for that house. How interesting to find out the true story behind it!

Dawn said...

Hi Eve! C & G Design from Maine! I have always seen the painting ALL my life and everyone tries to figure it out. Surpose that's what makes it so famous? Wyeth was a great painter that captured emotion. Great post!

Robolady said...

I had seen a documentary on this painting and knew that she was crippled. I didn't know anything else about it. It is an intriguing painting leaving one with lots of questions.

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