Wednesday, August 6, 2008


After school was let out, around three o'clock when I was a kid, most of us would hurry home and get that ice cold glass of Kool Aid and maybe a cookie. The cookies were homemade and usually sugar or molasses. If we were lucky, there would be peanut butter or oatmeal with raisin. Or maybe gingerbread. These were Huge and would hold us until Mama called us in to Supper.

We played games outside in the fresh air and sunshine, back then. All the kids in the neighborhood played together. The girls would play hopscotch or jacks. But our favorite game was skipping rope. The little kids used their small rope but the older kids used a long rope, with a girl on each end. We were really good at this. We would run in and out of the rope while the girls were throwing it. Then we got two ropes and skipped double rope. That was a little more difficult and of course the big kids usually did this.

The boys would play marbles or some rough and tumble wrestling or baseball. There was always an empty lot somewhere to play ball and it was an activity that went on all Summer long. Some were just games, on the spur of the moment and some were more professional with a coach and suits, furnished by some one's Dad who owned the local barber shop or hardware store. They played baseball and softball. I don't recall a lot of basketball being played and no soccer at all.

Girls didn't play together with the boys that much. The parents would sit on the porch and watch us play. I think they really got a kick out of it. One thing they found out, just whose kid was a bully and who had the whiner. There would be an occasional fight, but for the most part, we played together really well.

Around six o'clock, we were called in for Supper, which was a family affair, with everyone home and sitting down around the table. we would do our homework after helping Mama with the dishes. After homework, we were allowed to play quite games while the adults visited with neighbors or maybe had a card game. The women would talk about their latest sewing or cooking ventures or share their Hollywood or True Confession magazines. We would play with our paper dolls, the original Barbie dolls, and dress them in all the paper clothes. We read books as we got a little older. Or put on make up behind Mama's back. I don't know what boys did after homework. We didn't have any boys in our family.

Daddy loved music, so someone usually came over with a guitar or harmonica. More people played instruments then. Mama always wanted a piano but we couldn't afford one. We would listen to the radio too, and it wasn't just music either. These were wonderful, scary, romantic, or comedy shows. The smaller kids had to get ready for bed at eight but the older ones could stay up until nine. When I was still in grammar school, TV was born. I still remember the times before TV though and they were great.


Donna said...

The Shadow.....knows......I get Sirius radio now just so I can listen to the old radio shows...Happy night sweetie!hughugs

Sharon said...

I always check your comments....and I didn't know you could get the old radio shows with Sirius! Sure makes me want to consider that expense! I don't remember a time without tv...and I don't remember ever listening to the radio shows while I was a kid...but I somehow got hooked on those old shows through cassette tapes...big band music too. I do remember a lot of what you describe as a child. I remember running home to watch Dark Shadows before running out to play...boy, did it give me the shivers then! I have known you over 30 years, but these blogs seem to draw me closer to you than almost ever before. Thanks for doing this...and thanks for being my are appreciated!

Nola said...

I loved your post; it made me homesick for the good old days. I loved playing paper dolls; I would make new clothes for them and color them myself (frustrated fashion designer, I guess). Oh, if I only had those Lennon sister paperdolls now, how much would they bring on eBay? Doesn't matter, I wouldn't be able to part with them. Thanks for the memories.
I get Sirius with my dish network satellite, and I really enjoy the big band music and the oldies from the 60's.

Eve said...

Thanks Dianne. I apprciate you too. That is why I wanted my sister in laws to write a blog. We really can learn a lot about each other.

Check out Doris's blog here:
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Lynilu said...

What a memory trip!

My daddy gave me the nickname "Snooks" or sometimes he called me "Baby Snooks," as I was the baby in the family. I loved The Lone Ranger, and remember sitting in front of the big console radio listening many programs, both music and "my programs," as my gramma called them. In the mornings, Momma listened to soap operas while she cooked the noon meal.

I loved paper dolls and little girls don't even know what they are these days!

Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Dawn said...

The boys and girls in my neighborhood did all you mentioned but, together we would line up for cartwheels, backbends and walkovers. It was fun, girls were better than boys!