Friday, August 1, 2008


Painting by G.Harvey
We were born to be three-fold beings. We are more than physical, we are spiritual and intellectual beings as well. So much time and money is spent on making sure we look good, eat good and have material things. We neglect that part of us who wants to be ever learning. We need intellectual stimulation to keep our minds sharp, especially as we get older.

But most important of all, we need to grow spiritually. For if that part is neglected, it doesn't matter how smart or creative we are or how physically fit we are, we are just an empty vessel inside. We need to fill that part of us that craves beauty and being in touch with nature and with God. We need to make that connection. I am not saying to meditate, unless you really like that sort of thing. Just take some time each day to think on the good things in your life. Don't let one single thought of anything that is stressful or hurtful, enter in. Take some me time to be still and listen.

When is the last time, you sat in a park and did nothing but listen to the sounds around you. If you have a porch, do you sit on it and just do nothing but watch the world go by? Our Grandparents knew how to do that. When is the last time, you went outside at night and just looked up at those beautiful stars. When is the last time, you took a walk by yourself, on a rainy day?

When is the last time, you really opened up all your senses? Today, find something that smells wonderful to you. A beautiful soap, fresh linen, bread baking, an orange. Take time to enjoy that lovely smell. Find some beautiful music and really, listen to it. Touch something that feels incredible to you, the soft velvet fur of your cat, a treasured silk blouse, warm sand or cool grass, under your bare feet, the cool sheets as you slide in tonight. Find a painting or a photograph you already own and really look at it. Observe the faces of the children you meet today, that sweet innocence so soon lost in this day and age. Really look at the face of a loved one, a beloved animal, really look at them. Someday you may wish you had that memory. Open up your senses to things around you.

If we make it a habit to ignore what our feelings are telling us about slowing down, we make choices that aren’t in line with our true selves, and aren’t good for us. You can get mentally and physically exhausted but have you ever though about being spiritually exhausted? Take some time to renew your spirit, that secret place, you keep hidden away. Go there and rest awhile.


StitchinByTheLake said...

Today I went to a local quilt shop to drop something off and had a visit with the owner. I've known her for years but today standing there chatting I remember thinking what a sweet face she has and what a good person she is. Most of the time I'm in and out quick as a flash. I'm glad I stopped today and took my time and just listened. I don't do that often enough. Thanks for your advice - I'm going to try to slow down and really listen and look much more often. Blessings, marlene

Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

First, I have to say, that is one of my favorite G.Harvey paintings--maybe one of my all time favorite paintings by anyone, which is saying a lot! Second, I agree with your post so much. I think in this day of multi-tasking, we have lost so much of ourselves in our battle to "git-er-done". For me, when I am at worship, I get re-charged. But also, getting my hands in the dirt will calm me better than anything. Gardening has become my anti-stress pill and the one sure way for me to slow down and "be in the moment" instead of constantly worrying about what needs to be done. Thanks for your thoughtful post!

Nola said...

I miss having a screened porch! I would sit and watch and listen to nature, and it was better than any pill or any kind of therapy. I really and truly relaxed; my body let go of all the tension and anxiety. It was a tiny little vacation I could take daily to recharge my whole being.
We are in such a hurry, we often fail to take the time to enjoy the simple blessings of this life.

CurtissAnn said...

I echo Nola-- I miss a screened porch! I want a porch so badly that it is high on my list of requests to God, and for the very reason you speak of. Whenever I visit dear son away down south, I sit on his screen porch and adore it. Someday I'm gonna have me one.

And on the other hand, one can 'work' so much at growing spiritually, one never really rests. I remind myself that it is God who does the growing in me. My part is to abide. I'm such a doer. :)

This Eclectic Life said...

The sitting on the porch is such an excellent idea. I try to take time to do that every day. Just sit and enjoy and let my mind wander. Looking at people (really looking) is also a good suggestion. Your post is filled with excellent suggestions!

Donna said...

Beautiful post, and SO True!!! We ARE Spirit....hughugs