Wednesday, August 13, 2008



Lately for some reason, I am thinking about places, people, and times in my life that I’ll never see again. There is no way to know when something will occur for the last time in most cases. I guess that is why being young is so great. There is no last time for anything when you are young. Or at least it seems that way when you feel the world is at your feet.

Would we appreciate places we think of as permanent, a lot more, if we thought we might lose them. A lot of us on the Coast found that out, after the Hurricane. I had no idea when I visited my favorite places on the beach, my library, Ryan's steak house, the place where we hold the fishing rodeo every fourth of July, Moses Pier where we fished all the time, when we first met, the beautiful paintings under the bridge, covering the walls, that a local artist painted, no idea at at all, that I would never see them again. I was trying to remember them today and already the memory is fading about a lot of things along the beach but the favorite places, I can still walk around them in my mind. They will always be a reminder of how quickly we can lose something we love.

Would we act differently toward others if we knew it was the last time we would see them? There are people in my life, that were there one day and the next day they were gone. We need to show our appreciation to our family and friends while we still can. They may not be here tomorrow but then again, we may not either. We really need to let them know today, while it is still today. Our lives can be changed in the twinkling of an eye. Go call someone you love and tell them you love them. Go visit an old friend you haven't seen in a while. Treat them like it could be the last time you will see them. One day it will be.

I believe I am feeling both old and very young today, if that makes sense. I am going to try and remember this feeling, every time Billy walks out the door. Or friends or family come over to visit. I strongly believe in a wonderful future so I am not in a sad mood, just one of reflection. "If tomorrow never comes, will they know how much I love them?" is a good qustion for us to ask ourselves.


Sharon said...

I have felt this way for quite some time now. Every time John walks out the door I miss him a bit more than I used to...every time my children, or grandchildren, say "Bye, Nanny", I think, for just a split second, that I may not hear it again. It makes things a bit bittersweet...but there is more appreciation for others. It is not a sad thing...but I think it gets "louder" in your heart and mind as time goes on. No, I don't think the young would think this way too often...I know I hardly ever gave it a thought then....but it does serve its purpose....and I am glad that I do appreciate my loved ones and friends more. I remember those long days on Moses Pier, Eve. Didn't we have fun....and didn't we every sunburn?! LOL So I tell you now...I never think of you without thinking how much of a friend you have been..through good and bad and are appreciated and highly valued....I love you much!

Nola said...

You are so right; I never pass up the opportunity to tell my family and friends how much they mean to me. When the day comes that some of them are no longer here, it is a comfort to me to know that they knew they were loved! And if I'm the one to "go on to my reward", I want to leave this earth knowing I've told them all how I feel. Thanks for the reminder...

Eve said...

Dianne, we did have a good run when we were younger. It was good times and like the song says, "You're gonna miss this", I really do sometimes. Of course I miss being that skinny too. LOL

We are sisters in spirit above all. I love you and value your friendship too. I look forward to what God has in store for us in the future. I can only imagine! You and I are going to be on that front porch just a rocking. : )

Donna said...

They Knew...before they ever came...Wonderful post sweetie!!hughugs

godlover said...

What a wonderful post! Oh, if we would but live our relationships as if today would be the last time we'd interact. We'd talk more, and listen a lot longer. We'd cherish all the little things about each other, realizing suddenly that they aren't such little things in the face of living without them. Thanks so much for these thoughts. And thanks for stopping by my blog

Irish Cottage Dreams said...

Wow! Your post is so moving and
thought provoking.
We must be on the same wavelength
today or something because I have
been thinking of my memories of a
grandmother I miss and just
posted about it.
After reading your entry I am moved
to not only think of the people that are
now gone but the people who are here
with me now.


Mrs. Hatten said...

I'm one of Michelle's friends and was browsing on the web at some of your posts. This one in particular hit home with me since I have witnessed many people very close to me die within a short period of time. In 18 months time, I lost my father, grandmother, two aunts, and two uncles. Everything you said is true--we only have a short amount of time here on this earth and what we do with that time determines the quality of life in which we live. I was fortunate enough to be able to spend some very precious time with my father before he passed and I was able to tell him how deeply I loved him as he did me. I will forever cherish those times in my life even though the pain of knowing that he is gone is sometimes overwhelming. I used to pick up articles of his clothing and smell them in an effort to have a glimpse of him but I refuse to do that anymore as it is too difficult to bear. All I have are the some letters he wrote to his mother when he was in Vietnam, a few articles of clothing, and memories that I will preserve in my mind that I will call upon to remember what he meant to me. Even though I am young, experiences have taught me to live my life with the knowledge that it can all be taken away from me in a twinkling of an eye. Knowing that, I savor every breath I take and love those close to me vehemently...and they know it.


CurtissAnn said...

I have had the same thought/attitude for the last several years. Maybe really for all my life. I try to keep it in mind, to savor every minute with hubby, with my pets, with my son and grandchildren when with them. But life does distract us, and then we are always looking forward, too. Life is such a mixture of both frames.

Love your blog,