Monday, August 18, 2008



Some say they touch the sky
Some say they see the wind
A whisper of spring is near
Can you hear it say
These are Mulberry days

Some say they'll understand
Some hold an open hand
A shimmer of moonlit haze
Can you hear it say
These are Mulberry days
These are Mulberry days

Mulberry Days----the best of one's life. I am celebrating my Mulberry Days right now. I have sense of peace now that I didn't have when I was younger. I know what the future holds and I know who holds my future. Peace, is a good thing as Martha would say.

I make a glass of ice tea and sit beside the window, looking out at the back woods. The tea glass feels so cold against my hands. There is something about this scene that feels a little surreal. I know it is hot outside today, although not as hot as last week, and yet inside, it could be Spring. I silently bless the man who invented AC. I love to throw the windows open in the Spring and Fall but for right now I am happy with just being cool. Fresh air and Sunshine may be better left to later when the temperature falls a little more. It can be sticky hot here in August.

I didn't realize that growing older could be just as much fun and just as interesting as being young. From the viewpoint of twenty or thirty, it looked like a lonely and painful place to be. Not so, as I am finding out more each day. This is good times and I wouldn't want to miss them. These are my Mulberry Days!


Nola said...

What a lovely poem. I hate to sound unread, but did you write it, or was it written by someone I should have already read?
It is nice to be at "that place" in life where you are comfortable being yourself. I guess it must be the reward for making it this far into life.
We traded in our 100+ temp for a high of 75 and rain ALL DAY today; maybe some of it will head your way!

Eve said...

Nola, that is the theme song from the TV show, "Mulberry Days". It is a BBC import and I just love it. Every once in a while PBS will show it here in the states. Karl Howman sang it but I don't know who wrote it.

Donna said...

I'm 57 and I must say, it's not bad!lolol...sweet post!hughugs

nannykim said...

I think , at times, that each age is my favorite age. I have enjoyed each age as I have gone through it, but would not want to go back! I wonder about my future, I see the suffering of my with the results of a bad stroke and one with alzheimer's--but I see the importance of walking close to God and experiencing His presence in the midst of the suffering of life.

Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

Eve, once again you have touched me with your thoughtful post. As I read your description of holding a cold glass of iced tea as you looked outside at an August day, I was transported back to the days that I used to sit in "my" mulberry tree, full of berries and feeling like I was on top of the world sitting amongst the leaves looking out on rooftops of the houses around the neighborhood. I can still remember the sense of peace I felt feeling alive and a part of the tree and alone all at the same time.

Fast forward forty years, and the sense of peace that I have struggled to find is more solid and steady than that of many years ago, but I think it became one of the benchmarks I have always held onto in my search. I, like you, am so very glad to have found it and to know that life can get better as we get older. Funny, isn't it how life is never what we think it will be? It can be so much better if we let go of our preconceived notions of how it "should be" or how it is "supposed to be". Funny, how I immediately thought of an actual mulberry tree as I read your post. Thanks for making me think of something I haven't thought of in years!

Debra said...

Eve, This is a great blog, and so is your gardening one. Sorry it's taken me so long to get here. I was blessed by the comments as well.
Love, Debra

Irish Cottage Dreams said...

Oh I love it!! I feel like I am
living my Mulberry days right
now.....took into my late 30's
to feel this way but I am
glad that I am here now :)


StitchinByTheLake said...

I love your way with words. You say the things I am thinking, only better. blessings, marlene

smilnsigh said...

Mulberry Days! What a lovely sentiment.

But by 71, I wonder... What kind of fruit would I claim now? -giggles-

Well, whatever rare old wine would be made from! That's my choice. :-) The kind they make Sauternes with! And of course, I have that "pourriture noble" down pat already! -giggles-

Miss Mari-Nanci

Brenda Kula said...

I so totally agree. When I was young, I thought, "what happens when I'm old???" But now I'm over 50 and love my days! Loved the mulberries nostalia. I recall growing up around them.

Brenda M. Duxbury said...

I love the " Mulberry " theme song, it makes me smile and weep a little but mostley it makes me feel so relaxed and good about my life.

Brenda Duxbury
Wisconsin, USA
44 Yrs. old

Anonymous said...

My husband and I just discovered the series "Mulberry," and I loved the music. That's how I got here, trying to find out more about it because I love the word, the tunes, and the whole series. Why wasn't there more of it? So lovely and charming. I also love thinking these are my "mulberry days," though I don't consider myself old at almost 63 -- just getting to the best parts!!

Linda said...

Mulberry Days is shown on PBS every Saturday again. I love that show. It is sad in that these are the last few months of an elderly lady's life and Mulberry is trying to brighten her last days.

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