Friday, September 5, 2008


I love this song off the Gaithers new CD "I'm Loving LIfe". This is the best video I could find but I am sure a better version will be uploaded soon. This is probably where I stand. I try, Lord knows I try, but somehow, I end up here.....Somewhere between--- Jesus and John Wayne. The first line is skipped on the video but I put the lyrics so you could read them.

Daddy was a cowboy hard as a rock
Mama she was quiet as a prayer
Daddy’d always tell me, “Son, you gotta be tough
Mama would kiss my cheek and say, “play fair”
I did my best to make ‘em proud of me
But it’s never been an easy place to be

Somewhere between Jesus and John Wayne
A cowboy and a saint, the cross and the open range
I try to be more like you Lord,
But most days I know I ain’t
I’m somewhere between Jesus and John Wayne.

Mama’s love was tender, Daddy’s love was strong
Both of them were there to help the weak
They taught me to stand up and fight for what is right
And showed me how to turn the other cheek
Now I see there’s both of them in me
And maybe that’s the best that I can ever hope to be


CurtissAnn said...

Is this song not true for so many? We are just tryin' to have a balance, the hardest thing in the world, but what we are here to learn. Isn't getting older great-- you get a lot better at balance, all that practice.


The Ponderer said...

This is a great song! Just got the album this is on last week.

It is me.

Anonymous said...

WHAT A GREAT SONG !!!!!!!!!!!
SO TRUE TO LIFE. Hope I can find this album> I will be doing this on my shows as soon as i can learn it