Monday, September 8, 2008


Painting by Monet

Younger people explore new experiences with the belief that they've got plenty of time to spare and long, Sunshine filled, futures to prepare for. They are often willing to tackle any task just for the challenge. But for an older person, the timeline shrinks with the awareness of our mortality. Even when I buy plants, I keep in mind that a tree that takes years to look good or to produce nuts, fruit, or whatever,,, might not be something I want to invest in. Knowing that I am a short timer, means I do look on the world in a way so different than I did just a few years ago.

I certainly plan on living as long as I can but I do recognize that long term plans laid today may not come to fulfillment. I thought about the elections and how it is possible I may not be around to see who becomes the first woman President. Will Hillary be the first woman president? Will Sarah Palin? I feel I am living on trespass ground as it is after all my body endured during my long illness.

"A man who lives on borrowed time lives on trespass-ground." I don't know who said that but it has stuck with me all these years.

No matter how you look at it or say it, it all means the same. Our future is not what it used to be. : ) when we pass that sixty marker. But heck, we could defy the odds and live a long, long time. Only God knows. I am preparing for the worst but expecting the best. : ) You may wish me a Happy 90th birthday in 2034!


StitchinByTheLake said...

Really and truly 90? I love it! You are my hero - I want to be going strong, learning and passing on the joy when I'm 90. I'm almost 62 now so I know what you mean about short-timers. I think about that. Happy, happy birthday! blessings, marlene

Eve said...

Oops...No, I didn't mean I was ninety. I mean I am hoping to make ninety one day. I am 64. I should reword that. LOL..but you know, there are people on the blogs who are in their nineties. Awesome.

Joe said...

Very true, and nicely said. I read your profile, I also have 3 cats, 1 rabbit, 2 chinchilla's and a fish, a real FULL house!!!

Nola @ AlamoNorth said...

Funny you should mention the part about what you are planting, and whether or not you'll see it grown. I do the same thing now, but I still plant, hoping that someone down the line will think "I'm glad someone planted a tree here all those years ago".

CurtissAnn said...

Know what you mean. As Hubby and I look at new houses and new furniture, we say, "Well, we don't need something that will last long." LOL!

Dawn said...

64 is young!
What do I know, I'm 40 something but 64, that' retirement.

Anonymous said...

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